Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert

Events Sustainability

Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert, health food and lifestyle show, have sustainable develpment and the environment at heart and have taken tangible measures to lessen their event’s environmental footprint, both at the Palais des congrès de Montréal and at the Québec City Convention Centre where both editions of their events are held.

Sustainable actions taken by Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert


All utensils and containers are compostable, in every booth and at the on-site restaurant. Even the cups are made pf compostable PLA fiber. The Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert team carefully sorts the compost directly on-site to make it the best quality possible. It is then sent to a specialized firm.

Waste Management

  • Recycling of paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metal directly at the venue for visitors and exhibitors.
  • Use of fabric tablecloths at most exhibitor stands.
  • Bags used at the venue are made of fabric or recyclable plastic.
  • Compost sorting on-site. The event team recovers usable materials at the end of the event and when stands are disassembled.


  • No printed administrative material is available.
  • All posters, flyers, placemats and visitor programs are printed on 100% post-consumer, chlorine-free paper made in Québec using biogas.


Easy access to public transit. All exhibitors, speakers and volunteers are encouraged to use public transportation. An excellent idea: car-pooling.

 Recognized for its high environmental standards and leadership, the Québec City Convention Centre offers its clientele, tools to lessen their environmental impact, free of charge. Visit

Eco-Friendly Events to learn more.


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