Energy, Air and Water: Intelligent Management

The Québec City Convention Centre is an intelligent building overseen by a highly-competent, multidisciplinary team. Diligent management of energy, water and air quality is a daily challenge. We do this for environmental and financial considerations, of course, but also because it closely affects the comfort, health and well-being of the Convention Centre’s attendees and occupants.

Air Quality: A Health Issue

Did you also know that our high-efficiency filtres carry out between 10 and 12 air changes per hour in our meeting rooms?

Grande salle 400 vide toute illuminée aux lumières DEL.

A brief overview of energy and air management

  • A Honeywell EBI operational control system measures the temperature in real time and adjusts energy needs according to traffic and customer needs (8,339 kW heating plant and 1,500-ton cooling plant).
  • The Centre’s lighting is energy efficient, and the fixtures are mercury-free (LED bulbs consume 75% less energy).
  • Better air quality is provided by more than 120 ventilation units equipped with high-efficiency filters and carrying out between 10 to 12 air changes per hour in the meeting rooms (342,844 L/s of outside air).
  • To properly handle these multiple daily operations, the Convention Centre’s electromechanical systems have more than 9,992 checkpoints.

Connected Water Fountains 

At the Québec City Convention Centre, all our meeting rooms have free access to quality filtered water. Plastic containers of bottled water were banned from our spaces a long time ago! Instead, we’ve installed water fountains connected directly to Québec City’s water supply network, equipped with high-performance filters to guarantee high-quality drinking water.

This system also enables us to have contactless water fountains in public areas, ideal for refilling reusable water bottles and reducing the use of single-use plastics!

Bras de femme utilisant une des fontaines pour les gourdes du Centre des congrès. Elle tiens sa bouteille réutilisable pour la remplir.

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