Waste Management: Reduce, Reuse and Recover

At the Québec City Convention Centre, we educate event organizers and trade show promoters to find solutions to reduce waste when planning their eco-friendly events.

Our team is there, every step of the way! They oversee the sorting of waste and compostable materials produced at your event, and find ways to recover them with our various partners. We strive for a recovery rate of 80%–and nothing less! With our standardized collection system integrated into daily routines, praised by experts, we meet our objectives. The Convention Centre includes waste and compostable materials management for free in your contract. You don’t have to pay any additional amounts for this service.

Femme passant devant un bac, nommé ilôt multimatière. Il permet d'avoir accès à une poubelle, un bac de recyclage et de compost au même endroit.
Multi-Material Sorting Stations

How are waste materials managed at the Convention Centre:

  • Collection system standardized and integrated into daily routines
  • Efficient and well-trained operational team
  • Multi-material waste sorting stations (including composting) are available free of charge in the Convention Centre
  • Sorting of compostable and recyclable materials in the kitchen
  • Weighing of materials
  • Materials recovered with partners and the City of Québec

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