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p-michel-bouchardThe Québec City Convention Centre is an important driver of economic activity and the largest business tourism player in the Québec City area. The Centre was named Best Convention Centre in the World in 2006 by the International Association of Congress Centres (AIPC). It is also AIPC Gold Quality and LEED-EB certified. We welcome every year over 200,000 visitors from around the world for national and international events.

With a convenient location at Old Québec’s doorstep, unsurpassed customer service, and a staff proud to be anything but conventional, the Québec City Convention Centre now stands as one of North America’s top venues for major events.

Convention attendees can look forward to an exceptional experience at the Centre itself, but they will also fall in love with Québec City—an anything but conventional convention destination. A lively, safe walled city teeming with culture and activities, Québec City charms visitors with its European feel, rich history and culture, nearby natural wonders, fine dining, and friendliness.

Choosing Québec City and its Convention Centre for your next event puts you on the path to success—and our team will work tirelessly to make sure you get there.

Pierre-Michel Bouchard
President and CEO



Société du Centre des congrès de Québec (SCCQ) is a government corporation founded on June 15, 1993, to manage, operate, and market the Québec City Convention Centre.

In January 1994 the governments of Québec and Canada announced $81.3 million in funding to build a new facility to replace the Québec City Municipal Convention Centre built in 1974. The aim was to make Québec City a top North American convention destination.

Mission accomplished. Since its inauguration on August 26, 1996, the Québec City Convention Centre has hosted over 3,340 events—that’s 4.04 million room-nights and $2.18 billion in spinoffs in the Québec City area. Today the Centre contributes significantly to the city’s economy and social and intellectual life while putting Québec City on the world convention map with industry-leading sustainable development initiatives.

On June 17, 2011, confident in the outlook for business tourism, the Québec government agreed to invest $36 million to expand the Québec City Convention Centre. This 73,000 sq. ft. expansion project will raise the international profile of the Québec region and Québec as a whole. The $36 million Québec government investment is divided as follows: $4.3 million  for the acquisition of part of the shopping mall Place Québec and $31.7 million for the construction work.

The expansion work started in June 2012 and were completed in March 2014, under the responsibility of the Société immobilière du Québec. In addition to generating some $20 million in economic activity annually, this expansion positions the Québec City Convention Centre as the premiere convention destination in Canada.


  • The Municipal Convention Centre is inaugurated under Hilton Québec’s management.


  • Canada currently has 25 convention centres. Discussions for a new convention centre in Québec City are underway.


  • The new centre’s location is chosen.


  • July
    The bill creating the Société du Centre des congrès de Québec is adopted and sanctioned.
  • September
    The Executive Committee adopts the decree to nominate members of the Board of Directors.


  • January
    Personnel for the Société du Centre des congrès de Québec is selected.
  • April
    Additional investment is brought in for the Centre’s installations and equipment, the purchase of a section of Place Québec, upgrades to the Complex G’s underground passageway and air rights.
  • May
    The Centre’s construction begins.
  • July
    The Centre’s first CEO is named: Mr. Miville Vachon.
  • August
    The sales team is set up. Sales bidding begins.
  • November
    Construction under boulevard René-Lévesque is completed.
  • December
    The Centre confirms the booking of 40 conventions for the first 3 years of operation.


  • January
    A request is tabled for an additional $ 7 million dollar investment. The Centre’s construction costs will have totalled $ 114.7 M.
  • February
    The 34,500 sq. ft. floor of the Centre’s main hall is poured.
  • The Québec City Convention Centre founds the Cercle des ambassadeurs, in partnership with the  Office du tourisme de Québec and the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Québec.


  • August
    Official opening of the Québec City Convention Centre.
  • September 4
    The Convention Centre welcomes its first event: The Congrès de l’Union des municipalités régionales de comté du Québec (UMRCQ).


  • June
    Mr. Claude Pinault is named new CEO.


  • April 13
    The Third Summit of the Americas is held at the Centre.
  • August 29
    566 events later, the Centre celebrates its 5th anniversary.


  • July 10
    The Québec City Convention Centre is recognized as one of the best three convention centres in the world (Apex Award 2003).
  • November 21
    The Centre is awarded the 2003 EcoGESte award in the Building Management category, for reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and smart energy management.


  • April 1
    The Chambre de commerce de Québec awards its 2004 Stellaris Prize to the Centre in the Energy Efficiency category.
  • May 31
    Recipient of an Octas in the “Transformation of business process – 500 employees or less” for the successful implementation of an integrated information management system.


  • October 18
    Installation of wireless Internet (WI-FI) access terminals; a first for a Canadian convention centre.
  • April 12
    Inauguration of Sector 2000 of the Convention Centre. Repair costs total $16.7 M.
  • July 18
    Recipient of the Apex Award – Recognized as the world’s best convention centre by the International Association of Congress Centres (AIPC).
  • August 29
    The Convention Centre celebrates its 10th anniversary.


  • January 31
    Mr. P.-Michel Bouchard takes over as CEO.
  • April 20
    The Convention Centre holds a press conference to announce its commitment to sustainable development and launches new service packages for hosting eco-friendly events.


  • 400th anniversary of the City. The Québec City Convention Centre welcomes a record number of international events, such as the Francophonie Summit.


  • Implentation of Anything but conventional branding.
  • April 8
    BOMA BESt level 3 Certication awarded.


  • June 21
    Press conference announcing Bureau de normalisation du Québec’s new Responsible Event Management standard.
  • October 19
    Receives 2010 MIMA Silver Awards for Best Brochure – Venues section, given by Meetings & Incentive travel.


  • Confirms SportAccord Convention to be welcomed in 2012.
  • June 17
    The government of Québec announces a $36 million expansion project for the Convention Centre.
  • June 29
    Receives AIPC Gold Quality Standards.
  • July 6
    Receives LEED-EB certification, silver level, for existing building.
  • August 29
    The Convention Centre celebrates its 15th anniversary.
  • December 1st
    CEO P.-Michel Bouchard, confirms a second term at the head of Société du Centre des congrès de Québec.


  • 10th edition of SportAccord Convention in May.
  • Start of the expansion work.


  • The Québec City Convention Centre signs a partnership with Vidéotron Business Solutions and becomes the first convention center (and remains one of the only ones) to offer free wall-to-wall high-speed wireless Internet access to its customers. 


  • The new unified Québec team for business events is launched.
  • Inauguration of the 73,000 sq. ft. expansion project.
  • Québec City confirms that it will hold the Winter World Masters Games 2015.
  • Finalist for the AIPC Apex Award 2014 – Best Convention Centre in the world by the International Association of Congress Centres (AIPC).
  • The Centre won silver at MIMA Awards for Best print ad campaign.


  • August 29
    The Convention Centre celebrates its 20th anniversary.


  • The Centre won Gold at MIMA Awards for Best Brochure (Québec Centre Magazine).


  • The Centre sets up a huge press room for the G7 Summit for 1,400 journalists from around the world.


  • March
    More than 3,700 athletes, coaches, officials and chaperones gather in Québec City for the 54th finals of the Jeux du Québec. The Convention Centre transforms itself into an athletes’ village with its dorms, 50 showers, cafeteria and areas for games, entertainment and relaxation.


  • The Imagine Van Gogh exhibition attracts more than 75,000 visitors to the Québec City Convention Centre between July and September, despite the context of the global pandemic.


  • Still within the context of the pandemic, the Imagine Picasso exhibition attracts over 40,000 visitors to the Québec City Convention Centre between June and September.
  • August 29
    The Convention Centre celebrates its 25th anniversary.


  • January 19
    CEO P.-Michel Bouchard, confirms a new term at the head of the Société du Centre des congrès de Québec.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The Société du Centre des congrès de Québec’s mission is to attract major conventions and events with an international caliber convention centre and exceptional service, positioning Québec City and area as the premiere destination for business events and driving economic activity.

Our Vision

Be recognized as Canada’s premiere destination for international events.

SCCQ’s guiding principles, as set out in our strategic plan:

  • Exceptional client experience
  • Personnel are our #1 asset
  • Relational marketing
  • Excellence
  • Operational know-how
  • Sustainable development


As a government corporation, SCCQ is managed by a volunteer board of directors that oversees operations and charts the Convention Centre’s broad strategic orientation.

SCCQ’s lean structure consists of 70 employees supervised by a management team.

SCCQ contracts out extensively to local suppliers of goods and services, adding value and generating spinoffs for the Québec City area. In this model 90% of services to clients are provided by partners or subcontractors.

Subcontracting partners:



The Québec City Convention Centre and its operations have a big impact on the community and economy of the entire Québec City area.

Economic contributions

1996–present (March 31, 2020)

  • $2,1 billions in total economic activity generated
  • $1,266,5 million in new money outside of Québec and the Québec City area
  • $476,7 million in tax and tax-related revenues for government
  • $535,1 million in sales for the hotel and restaurant industries
  • 3,982,482 million room-nights

Yearly average

  • $100 million in economic activity
  • Over 150 events and some 200,000 visitors

Social contributions

  • Some 1,100 jobs created and maintained every year
  • Over 50% of jobs held by people age 35 and under
  • Support for community projects, many for residents of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste neighbourhood where the Centre is located
  • Partnership agreements with regional organizations
  • A showcase of local talent and launching pad for artists
  • Training ground for the tourism professionals of tomorrow
  • Support for promoters of new events

Refer to our Annual Management Report (French only) to find out more.



The Québec City Convention Centre is a place where you can enjoy meeting today without doing damage that will be felt tomorrow. Our green vision for the future reflects our authentic commitment to sustainability.

The Convention Centre embarked on the path of sustainability the moment it opened its doors in 1996. Respect for the environment, social responsibility, and economic viability are all integral to our vision, operations, and business culture.

Over the years, the Convention Centre has implemented an ever-growing number of tangible measures and innovations to minimize the environmental impact of operations while maximizing its positive social and economic impact. With the aim of providing a healthy, comfortable environment for attendees and staff, the Québec City Convention Centre has invested time, money, and human resources in its LEED building and eco-friendly operations. It also set up an eco-friendly event program to encourage its clients to follow its lead down the path to sustainable development.

The Convention Centre’s unwavering commitment to always doing better has led to measures such as the creation of a Sustainable Development Committee and a Sustainable Development Action Plan in 2008 in response to the Québec government’s Sustainable Development Act.

See our documents: (French only)

Québec City Convention Centre is a founding signatory of the Event Hosts’ and Partners’ Commitment to Sustainable Development Charter.




The Québec City Convention Centre has earned numerous awards and certifications, a testament to the know-how of our staff, the excellence of our service, and the soundness of our management processes.

  • 2022 – GHG Target Achievement Award (Building Energy Challenge), Platinum Level
  • 2022 – Finalist, AIPC Innovation Award
  • 2017 – MIMA Gold Award Winner, Best Brochure (Québec Centre Magazine)
  • 2015 – LEED® Canada-CI (commercial interiors) gold level.
  • 2014 – MIMA Silver Award Winner, Best Print Advertising Campaign, Meetings & Incentive Travel Magazine
  • 2014 – Finalist, AIPC Apex Award
  • 2012 – Finalist, Supplier category, Les Vivats, Loto-Québec contest for sustainable events, Conseil québécois des événements écoresponsables (Québec Council for Sustainable Events)
  • 2012 – Finalist, State organization category, Green CEO, Trebora Conseil – Les Affaires
  • 2011 – LEED-EB Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for existing building, Silver level
  • 2011 – AIPC Quality Gold Standards (International Association of Congress Centres’s quality standards program)
  • 2010 – BOMA BESt level 3 Certification
  • 2010 – MIMA Silver Award Winner, Best Brochure Venues, Meetings & Incentive Travel
  • 2007 – Prime Site Award, from the readers of Facilities & Destinations Magazine
  • 2007 – Meeting & Incentive Travel Readers’ Choice Award
  • 2006 – Apex Award : Best Convention Centre in the World from the International Association of Congress Centres (AIPC)
  • 2004 – Stellaris Award, Energy Efficiency category : smart energy management
  • 2004 – Octas Award, Transformation of business process – 500 employees or less : successful implementation of the Axapta management system
  • 2003 – Apex Award : The Centre is ranked among the top 3 in the world
  • 2003 – ÉcoGeste Award in the Building Management category for the reduction of greenhouse gas emission and smart energy management


The Québec City Convention Centre is a proud member of the following associations:

  • ABCQ (Québec Association of Convention Bureaus)
  • APEQ (Association des professionnels en exposition du Québec)
  • BOMA International
  • USGBC (U.S. Green Building)
  • CAGBC (Canada Green Building Council)
  • ASAE
  • PCMA(Processsional Convention Management Association)
  • CSAE (Canadian Society of Association Executives)
  • MPI Toronto
  • ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association)
  • AIPC (International Association of Congress Centres)
  • CDEFQ (Club des dirigeants d’entreprises Franco-québécois)
  • IAVM (International Association of Venue Managers)
  • UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry)


Submitting a request

The Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information regulates requests for all documents relating to SCCQ operations.

Requests must be submitted, in writing, to

Maryse Bisson
Secretary General
900, boul. René-Lévesque Est, suite 200
Québec (Québec) G1R 2B5

Phone number: 418-649-7711, ext. 4072 / 1 888 679-4000

Contact me Secretary General

Documents available under the Regulation respecting the distribution of information:

Inventory of personal information files

Personal information held by SCCQ is kept in personal information files as per Section 76 of the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information.

Files accessible as per Section 4, Subsection 1, Paragraph 5 of the Regulation respecting the distribution of information and the protection of personal information include

  • Candidate database
  • Human resources
  • Employee health
  • Workplace accidents
  • Safety
  • Pre-hospital medical treatment

Personal information release register

Under Section 67.3 of the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information, SCCQ must record in a register any release of personal information.

List of contracts over $25,000 awarded by mutual agreement or calls to tender:


aboutPrivacy Policy

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to Société du Centre des congrès de Québec (SCCQ), which runs the Québec City Convention Centre and is responsible for this website.

Scope of the policy

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The person responsible for the application of the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information is, in this capacity, also responsible for ensuring compliance with this policy.

You can find their contact information on the Access to information page.







As provided for under the Government of Québec’s Integration of the Arts into Architecture and the Environment of Government and Public Buildings and Sites policy, the Québec City Convention Centre sets aside 1% of its construction and expansion budget to produce works of art to fit the architecture, interior and exterior space, purpose, and users of its facilities. Works attest to the diversity of Québec artists and will make up a large part of our artistic legacy.

Quatuor d’airain (The Bronze Quartet, Lucienne Payan-Cornet)

The four bronze forms depict the successive positions of an imposing beast powerfully leaping. Four stages of a movement make tangible the relationship between space and time in a mighty outburst of freedom.


Paraiso (René Derouin, artiste)

Paraíso is a 2,40 m x 31 m mural representing the duality of the baroque, figured in the heritage of Mexico with its blending of the great Mesoamerican and colonial Spanish cultures, then filtered by the artist through the lens of his own, Québec, culture.



As the leader in business tourism in the Québec City region, the Société du Centre des congrès de Québec plays an important role in the local community and aims to offer a stellar customer experience for our clientele.

Web accessibility is the inclusive practice of ensuring that all users can view and interact with a website. Web accessibility best practices help to reduce the barriers and challenges certain people may have due to physical, cognitive, situational, technological or socio-economic restrictions.

Improving web accessibility

As a Québec government corporation, the Société du Centre des congrès de Québec is obliged to respect web-accessibility norms stipulated in the Standards sur l’accessibilité des sites Web (SGQRI 008 2.0) (French only), which has been created by the Government of Québec’s Secrétariat du Conseil du trésor. The SGQRI 008 2.0 complies with the international standards detailed in the Web Content Acessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. Future improvements to the Société du Centre des congrès de Québec’s website will also adhere to these guidelines.


The Société du Centre des congrès de Québec conducted an accessibility audit of its website, in collaboration with an external firm specializing in the field. Corrections were quickly made and a more comprehensive update will be made in 2022-2023.


If you cannot access our website content or need help viewing a document, do not hesitate to contact us:  


Governance and Operating Rules

Members of the Board of Directors are subject to the Loi du ministère du Conseil exécutif and the Règlement sur l’éthique et la déontologie des administrateurs publics as well as the code adopted by resolution of the Company’s Board of Directors.

The Société du Centre des congrès de Québec rules of governance are defined by:

  • La Loi sur la société du Centre des congrès de Québec
  • La Loi sur la gouvernance des sociétés d’État
  • Le règlement sur l’exercice des pouvoirs et la régie interne
  • Le code de déontologie des administrateurs
  • Règlement sur l’éthique et la déontologie des administrateurs publics

    Composition of the Board of Directors

    Article 5 of the Loi sur la Société du Centre des congrès de Québec stipulates that it is the government that appoints directors, taking into account the Board-approved Director’s competencies and experience.

    The Board of Directors is comprised of 11 members, including the President and CEO of the organization. At least three members are appointed after consultation with the community’s representative organizations. The law also provides that Directors are not paid, with the exception of the CEO.

    The CEO’s compensation is set by the government (Article 9 of the Loi sur la Société du Centre des congrès de Québec). The Chairman of the Board is responsible for the evaluation of the CEO’s performance. In doing so, the Chairman is supported by the Human Resources Committee. The evaluation is forwarded to the Secrétariat aux emplois supérieurs and the government decides whether or not there will be a bonus for the top corporate executives.

    The Board of Directors’ composition must also meet the requirements of the Loi sur la gouvernance des sociétés d’État. Thus, at least 2/3 of the Directors must have an independent status with the exception of the CEO, at least one member of the Audit Committee must be a member of a professional accounting organization, and gender parity must be maintained. Lastly, the cultural identity of the members must reflect the different components of Quebec society and at least one member must be 35 years of age or younger at the time of appointment.

    When a Director’s term expires or they resign, the Governance and Ethics Committee reviews nominations based on the competency profile approved by the Board of Directors and makes recommendations to the Board. These recommendations are then forwarded to the Minister responsible for the Corporation, who forwards them to the government that is responsible for the appointments.

    In cases where there would be a repeated absence constituting a vacancy within the meaning of the Loi sur la Société et du Règlement sur l’exercice des pouvoirs et la régie interne, it is filled according to the appointment rules outlined above.

    The Board and its Committees

    In its decision-making, the Board of Directors has the support of four committees, the first three of which are statutory. Their mandates are defined under the Crown Corporations Governance Act. As for the Strategic Business Development Committee, it monitors sales results and supports the Board on the choice of the broad directions of the strategic plan. All committee members have independent status.

    Board Committees:

    • Audit Committee
    • Human Resources Committee
    • Governance and Ethics Committee
    • Strategic Business Development Committee


    The Chair of the Board is an ex-officio member of all committees.

    The Board and its Committees hold closed sessions at each of their meetings.

    As part of its mandate, the Board of Directors has a budget to hire external consultants or experts, if it deems it appropriate.

    In order for Directors to become familiar with their roles and to develop relevant skills, the Governance and Ethics Committee, based on the results of a survey, develops a continuing education proposal for the entire Board of Directors. A summary of the annual education/training is published in the annual report.


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