Getting Here

The Québec City Convention Centre is strategically located in the heart of the city, making it easily accessible from anywhere in Québec City by plane, car, train, bus, or even on foot!

  • A 20-minute drive from the Jean-Lesage International Airport, which offers more than 350 flights per week, including many direct flights.
  • 10 minutes from the Gare du Palais, the bus terminal and train station in downtown Québec City.
  • Within walking distance (5 to 20 minutes) of natural, cultural and historical sites and attractions, such as the Old Québec area, the Plains of Abraham, Parliament Hill, the Old Port, the Petit-Champlain district, the arts district, the Saint-Roch district, and Grande Allée.
  • 30 minutes or less from nature and the many green spaces that Québec City offers. Québec is a resort city for outdoor activities in an enchanting setting.

Getting Around Québec City

Public Transit (Réseau de transport de la Capitale) 

  • More than 15 bus lines can drop you off directly at the entrance of the Québec City Convention Centre. An easy and eco-friendly transportation choice! Also, the free Parc-O-Bus parking lots are a flexible option that allows you to park your car strategically in the city and then take the bus to the Centre!  
  • The Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC) offers good fares and passes, such as Unlimited weekend or 5 consecutive days passes, which offer easy and unlimited travel in the city for your event. For event organizers and their participants, the RTC also offers the Event Pass, an advantageous and economical fare!

Walking, Biking and Bike-Sharing

  • Walking (and biking in the summer) is often the best way to get around Old Québec and the neighbourhood surrounding the Québec City Convention Centre. Many attractions, hotels, shops and restaurants can be found there.   
  • Québec City has plenty of equipment and facilities to accommodate cyclists: safe bike paths, plenty of self-service bike racks, ramps on public stairways, bike rental service, etc.
  • The àVélo bike-sharing service is an initiative of the RTC and lets you borrow e-bikes for your short trips around the city from spring to fall. Stations are located near the Québec City Convention Centre.


Drivers planning their trips to the Québec City Convention Centre can advertise their trip on to accommodate passengers looking for sustainable transportation. Whether for a short or long distance, carpooling is a practical, affordable and environmentally-friendly way to travel!


Indoor Parking

A pedestrian tunnel connects the Québec City Convention Centre to 4 indoor parking lots with 4,175 spaces. These car parks are managed by Indigo and Société Parc-Auto du Québec: 

  • Place Québec parking lot (Indigo)

    Daily (7/7) – Maximum (unrestricted access, daily basis): $28
    Every night (7/7) – Maximum: 4 p.m. to 6:59 a.m., 12-hour window: $15
    Daily (7/7)– Maximum 24 hours: $25
  • Delta parking lot

Every night (7/7) – Maximum: 4 p.m. to 6:59 a.m., 12-hour window: $15
Daily (7/7)– Maximum 24 hours (maximum daytime, after 4:31 p.m.): $25

  • Place d’Youville parking lot and Marie-Guyart building parking lot (Société Parc-Auto du Québec)

Every night (7/7) – Maximum: 4 p.m. to 7:59 a.m., 12-hour window: $15
Weekday – Maximum: $20
Saturday – Sunday – 12-hour window: $15

Paid Spaces on Streets

Metered parking is available on the streets around the Convention Center (free after 9:00 p.m.). Simply pay at the nearest Pay & Go kiosk or via the Copilot mobile application.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (Place Québec) 

  • In the Place Québec parking lot (operated by Indigo), there are two charging stations (240 volts) installed by Circuit électrique.  
  • Two parking spaces are available for recharging, one service space for plugging in and one vacant space for waiting after recharging.