Digital Signage, Display and Advertising

The Québec City Convention Centre offers an extensive network of digital and static display and signage options to enhance your event’s visibility. The network can be used to broadcast directions, information, images, videos, promotional material, and more. The Convention Centre’s display network is versatile and can provide promotional space to your sponsors, serving as an added source of revenue for your event. Video walls and screens located throughout the Convention Centre offer great advertising opportunities and represent a fantastic source of revenue through sponsorships.

Discover Our Signage Solutions

Based on the area and level where your event will take place, view the multiple display options available by consulting the guides below.

Hallway with large windows and escalator, next to 2 digital signage screens.

Dynamic Signage System

Steering attendees and visitors to their activities is easy with our dynamic signage system. We’ll upload your information and images and program them at no charge to appear on our HD screens according to your event schedule, giving attendees and visitors a handy way to check the program and timetable. For a nominal fee, we can personalize screens with your organization’s logo and broadcast videos.

Video Walls and Screens

Our giant, adaptable video walls and 65-inch screens are perfect for sharing visual content during events. Choose from a variety of visual display options, including full-screen images, logos, videos, live conference feeds, and more.

Have you thought about selling advertising to your partners? This is a great way to boost revenues for your event!

Hallway on the Convention Centre 3rd floor with attendees walking about and large screen on wall.

Large Format Display Banners and Banners

The Québec City Convention Centre also offers spaces for large format colour banners to increase your event’s visibility. Create a striking effect inside and outside with banners strategically placed around the Convention Centre. Be bold! Our team will help you realize the most anything-but-conventional ideas with custom-made solutions. Our specialists will take care of production and installation. We offer flexible turnkey packages with our trusted partner, Turgeon Lettrage.

Main hall and registration desk at the Convention Centre during the World Championship of Magic. People are standing under a large banner waiting to register.
Public hallway at the Québec City Convention Centre with people walking about. Large video walls is on and showcasing the city.


Do you wish event attendees could learn more about your business, services, and products? Our flexible digital signage network provides various solutions for advertising and video streaming. With our banner solutions, you can even opt for large-format displays in the Convention Centre’s spaces.

Contact our Director of Customer Care, Caroline Bérubé, at 418 649-7711, ext. 4081 or 1 888 679-4000, to learn more about our advertising opportunities.

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