Sustainable Food Services

If there’s one area in which we can act directly to preserve the environment, it’s in our kitchens. In our kitchens—the vastest in Québec City—we don’t skimp when it comes to asking for good sustainable initiatives.

Une femme qui se sert un café dans une tasse de porcelaine à la station.

F&B in Tune With the Environment

In addition to our use of compostable dishware as needed, the sorting of recyclable and compostable materials in the kitchen, and providing water service in pitchers rather than in bottles, the meals prepared in the Québec City Convention Centre’s kitchens are always used to their fullest potential to prevent food waste. Production surpluses are given a second life and are redistributed to charities to feed people in need in Québec City. Hundreds of kilos of food are donated each year by our exclusive food service partner, Maestro Culinaire.

From farm and supply to the table, we’re constantly on the lookout for innovations to refine our working methods to deploy eco-friendly practices in the kitchens and offer local delicacies. Thanks to partnerships with regional producers, agri-food products from Québec are often featured in the meals served at the Québec City Convention Centre.

A snapshot of our green food services

  • Compostable materials are collected in the prep kitchens and when clearing food functions
  • A choice of menus and beverages incorporating regional products
  • Surplus food is distributed to charitable organizations
  • Exploramer’s Fourchette bleue certification is designed for the sound management of marine resources in the St. Lawrence
  • Action Service certification from Éduc’Alcool to promote the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages
  • Pitcher water service, instead of bottled water, for all food functions and guest speakers
  • Filtered water fountains connected to Québec City’s water supply network
  • Bulk service for milk, cream, juice, sugar, butter, jam
  • Meal service in porcelain tableware
  • Compostable dishes and napkins are used during cocktail hours
  • Snack bar with reusable tableware and biodegradable or recyclable containers

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