Société du Centre des congrès de Québec (SCCQ) is a government corporation founded on June 15, 1993, to manage, operate, and market the Québec City Convention Centre.

In January 1994 the governments of Québec and Canada announced $81.3 million in funding to build a new facility to replace the Québec City Municipal Convention Centre built in 1974. The aim was to make Québec City a top North American convention destination.

Chantier de construction du Centre des congrès de Québec, avec 2 grues, le Hilton au loin, et une structure de bois où 2 travailleurs grimpent.

Mission accomplished. Since its inauguration on August 26, 1996, the Québec City Convention Centre has hosted over 3,340 events—that’s 4.04 million room nights and $2.18 billion in spinoffs in the Québec City area. Today the Centre contributes significantly to the city’s economy and social and intellectual life while putting Québec City on the world convention map with industry-leading sustainable development initiatives.

On June 17, 2011, confident in the outlook for business tourism, the Québec government agreed to invest $36 million to expand the Québec City Convention Centre. This 73,000 sq. ft. expansion project will raise the international profile of the Québec region and Québec as a whole. The $36 million Québec government investment is divided as follows: $4.3 million for the acquisition of part of the shopping mall Place Québec and $31.7 million for the construction work.

The expansion work started in June 2012 and was completed in March 2014, under the responsibility of the Société immobilière du Québec. In addition to generating some $20 million in economic activity annually, this expansion positions the Québec City Convention Centre as the premiere convention destination in Canada.


  • The Municipal Convention Centre is inaugurated under Hilton Québec’s management.


  • Canada currently has 25 convention centres. Discussions for a new convention centre in Québec City are underway.


  • The new centre’s location is chosen.


  • July
    The bill creating the Société du Centre des congrès de Québec is adopted and sanctioned.
  • September
    The Executive Committee adopts the decree to nominate members of the Board of Directors.


  • January
    Personnel for the Société du Centre des congrès de Québec is selected.
  • April
    Additional investment is brought in for the Centre’s installations and equipment, the purchase of a section of Place Québec, upgrades to Complex G’s underground passageway and air rights.
  • May
    The Centre’s construction begins.
  • July
    The Centre’s first CEO is named: Mr. Miville Vachon.
  • August
    The sales team is set up. Sales bidding begins.
  • November
    Construction under boulevard René-Lévesque is completed.
  • December
    The Centre confirms the booking of 40 conventions for the first 3 years of operation.


  • January
    A request is tabled for an additional $ 7 million dollar investment. The Centre’s construction costs will have totalled $ 114.7 M.
  • February
    The 34,500 sq. ft. floor of the Centre’s main hall is poured.
  • The Québec City Convention Centre founds the Cercle des ambassadeurs, in partnership with the  Office du tourisme de Québec and the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Québec.


  • August
    Official opening of the Québec City Convention Centre.
  • September 4
    The Convention Centre welcomes its first event: The Congrès de l’Union des municipalités régionales de comté du Québec (UMRCQ).


  • June
    Mr. Claude Pinault is named the new CEO.


  • April 13
    The Third Summit of the Americas is held at the Centre.
  • August 29
    566 events later, the Centre celebrates its 5th anniversary.


  • July 10
    The Québec City Convention Centre is recognized as one of the best three convention centres in the world (Apex Award 2003).
  • November 21
    The Centre is awarded the 2003 EcoGESte award in the Building Management category, for reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and smart energy management.


  • April 1
    The Chambre de commerce de Québec awards its 2004 Stellaris Prize to the Centre in the Energy Efficiency category.
  • May 31
    Recipient of an Octas in the “Transformation of the business process – 500 employees or less” for the successful implementation of an integrated information management system.


  • October 18
    Installation of wireless Internet (WI-FI) access terminals; a first for a Canadian convention centre.
  • April 12
    Inauguration of Sector 2000 of the Convention Centre. Repair costs total $16.7 M.
  • July 18
    Recipient of the Apex Award – Recognized as the world’s best convention centre by the International Association of Congress Centres (AIPC).
  • August 29
    The Convention Centre celebrates its 10th anniversary.


  • January 31
    Appointment of Mr. P.-Michel Bouchard as President and CEO.
  • April 20
    The Convention Centre holds a press conference to announce its commitment to sustainable development and launches new service packages for hosting eco-friendly events.


  • 400th anniversary of the City. The Québec City Convention Centre welcomes a record number of international events, such as the Francophonie Summit.


  • Implementation of Anything but conventional branding.
  • April 8
    BOMA BESt level 3 Certification awarded.


  • June 21
    Press conference announcing Bureau de normalisation du Québec’s new Responsible Event Management standard.
  • October 19
    Receives 2010 MIMA Silver Awards for Best Brochure – Venues section, given by Meetings & Incentive travel.


  • Confirms SportAccord Convention to be welcomed in 2012.
  • June 17
    The government of Québec announces a $36 million expansion project for the Convention Centre.
  • June 29
    Receives AIPC Gold Quality Standards.
  • July 6
    Receives LEED-EB certification, silver level, for the existing building.
  • August 29
    The Convention Centre celebrates its 15th anniversary.
  • December 1st
    CEO P.-Michel Bouchard, confirms a second term at the head of Société du Centre des congrès de Québec.


  • 10th edition of SportAccord Convention in May.
  • Start of the expansion work.


  • The Québec City Convention Centre signs a partnership with Vidéotron Business Solutions and becomes the first convention center (and remains one of the only ones) to offer free wall-to-wall high-speed wireless Internet access to its customers.


  • The new unified Québec team for business events is launched.
  • Inauguration of the 73,000 sq. ft. expansion project.
  • Québec City confirms that it will hold the Winter World Masters Games 2015.
  • Finalist for the AIPC Apex Award 2014 – Best Convention Centre in the world by the International Association of Congress Centres (AIPC).
  • The Centre won silver at MIMA Awards for Best print ad campaign.


  • August 29
    The Convention Centre celebrates its 20th anniversary.


  • The Centre won Gold at MIMA Awards for Best Brochure (Québec Centre Magazine).


  • The Centre sets up a huge press room for the G7 Summit for 1,400 journalists from around the world.


  • March
    More than 3,700 athletes, coaches, officials and chaperones gather in Québec City for the 54th finals of the Jeux du Québec. The Convention Centre transforms itself into an athletes’ village with its dorms, 50 showers, cafeteria and areas for games, entertainment and relaxation.


  • The Imagine Van Gogh exhibition attracts more than 75,000 visitors to the Québec City Convention Centre between July and September, despite the context of the global pandemic.


  • Still within the context of the pandemic, the Imagine Picasso exhibition attracts over 40,000 visitors to the Québec City Convention Centre between June and September.
  • August 29
    The Convention Centre celebrates its 25th anniversary.


  • January 19
    CEO P.-Michel Bouchard, confirms a new term at the head of the Société du Centre des congrès de Québec.


  • September
    The Québec City Convention Centre wins the Best Convention Centre category at the first edition of the Skift Meetings Awards.
  • December
    The Québec City Convention Centre obtains Biosphere certification, the worldwide recognized seal of the Responsible Tourism Institute.


  • April 8
    Appointment of Ms. Caroline Lepage as President and CEO.