Mission, Vision and Structure

Our Mission

The Société du Centre des congrès de Québec’s mission is to attract major conventions and events with an international calibre convention centre and exceptional service, positioning Québec City and area as the premiere destination for business events and driving economic activity.

Our Vision

Be recognized as Canada’s premiere destination for international events.

SCCQ’s guiding principles, as set out in our strategic plan:

  • Exceptional client experience
  • Personnel are our #1 asset
  • Relational marketing
  • Excellence
  • Operational know-how
  • Sustainable development

Our Structure

As a government corporation, SCCQ is managed by a board of directors that oversees operations and charts the Convention Centre’s broad strategic orientation.

SCCQ’s lean structure consists of 70 employees supervised by a management team.

SCCQ contracts out extensively to local suppliers of goods and services, adding value and generating spinoffs for the Québec City area. In this model, 90% of client services are provided by partners or subcontractors.

Our partner suppliers: