Planning an Eco-friendly Event: Transportation and Travel


Transport is one of the biggest sources of pollution associated with events. Fossil fuel consumption and air emissions majorly impact air quality and climate change. When all the reduction solutions have been used, offsetting GHG emissions allows you to balance the impacts of your event.

How to Choose Eco-Friendly Transportation and Travel?

Find realistic and effective solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to your participants’ transportation. Then, at the end of your event, calculate and offset the GHG emissions generated by their travel or donate to a recognized non-profit organization.

Tips and Tricks

  • Encourage your participants to use public transportation or carpool to get to the convention site. Nothing could be easier with the strategic location of the Québec City Convention Centre! More than 15 bus lines can drop you off right at the door.
  • Plan a shuttle with preferential rates, or order Event Passes from the Réseau de transport de la Capitale, to encourage your participants to use public transportation and, on-site, encourage them to walk around the city, the best way to discover Old Québec and the area around the Québec City Convention Centre!

Have measures in place to calculate the GHGs emitted by participants’ transportation (when they register online or on-site), such as the Destination Québec cité’s calculation tool

Good Choice!

By holding your event at the Québec City Convention Centre, you are making it easier for yourself! The Convention Centre has teamed up with trustworthy partners to offer you ways to offset or neutralize your GHG emissions:

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