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The Québec City Convention Centre is located in a bustling neighborhood, in downtown Québec City.


Why the Québec City Convention Centre?7 Reasons to Choose Us

The Québec City Convention Centre in the heart of Québec’s historic capital is a unique Canadian destination for conventions, expositions, and meetings of all kinds. Built on a human scale, this safe, comfortable, people-friendly facility is designed and configured to make any event a success. Our experienced events team goes the extra mile to offer the very best service, and Convention Centre staff provide a warm welcome at every turn. Food and beverage services are creative, customized, and inspired by some of the finest restaurants in the city. The highly functional—and multifunctional—facilities come with free, wall-to-wall wireless Internet at all times. When you hold your event at the Québec City Convention Centre, you’re guaranteed an experience that’s anything but conventional!

Our TeamAnything But Conventional

Our anything but conventional team

The team at the Québec City Convention Centre is anything but conventional. After all, it takes a very special group of people to turn a convention centre into a world leader in customer service, winning the International Association of Convention Centres (AIPC)’s Apex Award for the highest client rating received by a convention centre in 2006 and coming in as a finalist for the same award in 2014.

As you plan and execute your event, you’ll experience firsthand the kind of attentive service and insightful support that makes our team of dedicated event professionals anything but conventional. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Molson Coors National Conference

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Québec City Convention Centre for the outstanding service and facilities offered during the recent Molson Coors Canada National Conference in Québec City. It was a real pleasure working with you over the past 3 years, and we very much appreciate your flexibility and generosity in bringing this meeting to fruition.

Jérôme, Maryse and the convention service team could not have been better to work with. Their attention to detail and responsiveness was much appreciated. The facilities are beautiful, functional, and extremely well maintained. I know that you are proud to represent the Québec City Convention Centre and you do it so well! It was such a pleasure working with you.

Thanks also […] the food and beverage team. We were very happy with the quality of menus and service.

I would definitely recommend the QCCC to all of my clients Aline, and very much look forward the opportunity of working with you and your associates again soon.

Cheryl Heyd
Northpoint Group Event Management
Molson Coors National Conference

110th Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Conference

Thank you to you and all the staff for the great service everyone provided to the CACP meeting. It makes me feel good to know that there are still people in this industry who take pride in doing a great job. Little things like the cleanliness of the loading dock washrooms (the cleanest I have ever seen) is a credit to the janitorial and maintenance crews. The super-fast friendly service of the electricians, forklift operators, material handlers, and dock supervisors was outstanding. Québec City is my favourite city not just for the beauty and history but all the Québec City Convention Centre staff.

SecurityBig Events, Small Events, They’re All Secure with Us

When you host hundreds of major meetings, including the Summit of the Americas and the Francophone Summit, security becomes second nature. Whether you’re expecting dozens, hundreds, or thousands of participants, we offer a secure environment in a peaceful city.  Our highly professional security team provides effective, discreet protection for people and property and full medical assistance in the case of an emergency, meaning your visitors and attendees can safely make the most of activities in the Centre and throughout the city.

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