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The Québec City Convention Centre is part of Place Québec, a large complex located at 900, René-Lévesque Est with one coffee and sandwich shop (La Prep) and a Nautilus fitness centre. One ATM (Desjardins) is located near the main entrance to the Convention Centre, at 1000, boulevard René-Lévesque Est. Underground passageways connect the Québec City Convention Centre to the Hilton Québec and the Delta Québec —both four‑star hotels—as well as an indoor parking lot with over 4,000 parking spaces.

The main entrance to the Convention Centre opens onto the Desjardins Promenade, a public square between the Centre and the Hilton just across from Québec’s Parliament building. With its pools and sculptures, it’s the perfect place for a breather or a stroll between sessions and offers a spectacular view of the Laurentian Mountains. Free Wi‑Fi in this zone is courtesy of ZAP Québec.


The Centre at a Glance

  • Total capacity of 9,000 attendees

  • 294,290 sq. ft. (27,286 m2) of usable space

  • 134,500 sq. ft. (12,450 m2) of total exhibition space

  • 78,251 sq. ft. (7,254 m2) of premeeting space

  • 57,874 sq. ft. (5,375 m2) of meeting space

  • 75,000 sq. ft. (6,950 m2) Exhibit Hall

  • 34,500 sq. ft. (3,210 m2) Convention Hall

  • 25,000 sq. ft. (2,320 m2) Multipurpose Hall

  • 38 meeting rooms, plus a client lounge and boardroom

  • 7 separate entrances

  • Main hall with permanent registration desk

  • Loggia with a breathtaking view of Québec City and the Laurentian Mountains

  • VIP lounge with a view of the Château Frontenac, with adjoining boardroom and meeting room

  • Intimate solarium overlooking the Saint-Jean-Baptiste district

  • Urban space and terrace with a view of Old Québec

  • Executive client lounge next to a high‑tech 26-seat boardroom

  • The Lounge Restaurant

  • The Petit Café for light meals

  • Two covered loading areas (10 docks in all)

  • Wheelchair accessible areas for the mobility impaired, in accordance with the National Building Code of Canada and the American Disability Act


Virtual tour

Welcome to the Québec City Convention Centre! Event venue built on a human scale, the Convention Centre enjoys a central location only steps from Old Québec. Follow Marie-Elaine Lemieux, Sales Manager on the American and International market, on a virtual tour of our flexible meeting spaces and rooms that can welcome all types of events, large or small. You will discover why the Québec City Convention Centre is perfect for your projects and will discover our services, our creative culinary team, our safe and eco-friendly environment, and much more!

Introduction: Level 4 – Ground floor

Explore our bright main hall, foyer, loggia and vast exhibition hall on level 4.

Level 3

We’re now heading to level 3, where you will visit the foyer and lounge area with a view on the Saint-Jean-Baptiste district, the central hall and 4 breakout rooms.

Level 3 – Anything but conventionnal sector

Still on level 3, explore our Anything but conventional sector, ideal for groups between 10 to 500 guests. Visit a reception hall, magnificent urban space, boardroom and 9 breakout rooms.

Level 2

Now on level 2, you will find the convention hall and multipurpose hall as well as 16 breakout rooms.


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Specifications and capacities

Room № Surface area Dimensions Ceiling height Food function (2-4) Round table (2-4) Classroom (5) Theatre Reception Hollow square Booth 10x10
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Room set up

  • (1) Legal Limit
  • (2) Without speaker
  • (3) Permanent boardroom
  • (4) Round table of 1,8 m (6’-0’’), diameter for 10 people
  • (5) Table of 0,46 m x 1,8 m (1’-6’’ x 6’-0’’) for 3 people

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Other interesting rooms for you

  • Level {{ room.level }} {{ room.title }}

    Surface area
    {{ room.measures.surface_area_m2 }}

    {{ room.measures.dimensions_m }}

    Ceiling height
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    Food function: {{ room.capacities.banquet.capacity }}
    Round table: {{ room.capacities.round_table.capacity }}
    Classroom: {{ room.capacities.school.capacity }}
    Theatre: {{ room.capacities.theater.capacity }}
    Reception: {{ room.capacities.reception.capacity }}
    Hollow square: {{ room.capacities.open_square.capacity }}
    Booth 10x10: {{ room.capacities.stand_10x10.capacity }}

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