Cooking for 4,000 People

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Cooking for family and friends is one thing. Cooking for over 4000 people is a whole new ballgame. And that is exactly what twenty clients from the Québec City Convention Centre discovered on September 26, 2018, during an activity held to show them the challenges and fun of event catering.

Supervised by Executive Chef Jean-Pierre Cloutier and his kitchen brigade, the apprentice cooks donned their chef’s whites, nets and French cooking hats to enjoy searing beef tenderloin, whipping up sauces, cutting and chopping vegetables—in preparation for a real banquet! In addition to learning what it is like to work as a cook, the epicurean participants were able to share their passion for food with the creative artisans that work alongside Chef Cloutier.

The activity, “Cooking for 4000 People,” took place with the Québec City Convention Centre’s CEO, Pierre-Michel Bouchard, Director of Communications and Marketing, Ann Cantin and Sales Managers Pénélope Dinan-Mitchell and Aline Tesser.

The clients were thrilled by this exclusive experience, which took place at the heart of the Centre’s kitchens. Undoubtedly, they will never look at future event menus in the same way ever again!

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