Québec City Convention Centre


Which Space Should You Choose for Your Film Shoot?

Whether you need to record interviews or a webinar, produce a video, capture images, or organize live webcasting, you’ll find the right space and a reliable technical environment depending on the type of shoot you plan to organize at the Centre. All rooms and spaces can be set up as a recording studio or a film set. You can shoot from the right distance, because even our small rooms are big!

Here are three great choices of spaces for a shoot at the Québec City Convention Centre:

The Main Hall and Its Loggia

This bright, spacious area always garners an amazing effect! Accessible from 1000 René-Lévesque Est, the Main Hall, loggia and foyer feature huge windows and a spectacular view of the Laurentians. This place is ideal as a unique backdrop to create in-depth shots and those that will highlight your subject.

The Urban Space of the Anything but Conventional Sector

A glass ceiling with integrated lighting, cement columns, and large windows with a view of Old Québec characterize this urban space located in the Anything But Conventional sector. This distinctive, versatile space provides for good control of light and acoustics, among other things. Like several other areas in the Centre, it can be transformed and arranged according to your scenario.

The Central Hall

With its contemporary look, dim lights, ease of access and amenities, the Central Hall is a friendly space suitable for capturing personalized interviews, webinars or any other audio-visual project you have in mind. This location is ideal for holding press conferences.

Our sales team will help you choose the right space for your audio-visual or film project. Does your production require some outside-the-box thinking? You might be surprised by the Québec City Convention Centre’s many possibilities!

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