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What’s so great about Québec City?8 Reasons to Choose Québec City

Québec City is known and loved for its European charm, welcoming locals, infectious energy, and, of course, for Old Québec—a treasured UNESCO World Heritage Site. As the cradle of French civilization in North America, this port city, provincial capital, and thriving technology hub wears its many identities with pride. The city has its feet planted firmly in the 21st century and boasts a flourishing economy that extends into some of the hottest new sectors.

This economic success is due in part to the city’s concentration of research centres—one of the highest in Canada and the Northeastern United States. A place of knowledge, innovation, and creativity, Québec City offers a wealth of business opportunities in a unique cultural setting. It’s that singular mix of qualities that has made it one of Canada’s top travel and convention destinations and the best city in Canada according to Travel + Leisure (2022 World’s Best Awards, Best Cities in Canada).

WalkabilityQuébec City on Foot – A World of Surprises

Québec City’s heritage, culture, and festive atmosphere make it a city best visited on foot. Walking around town, you’ll discover incredible sights at every turn—especially in Old Québec. From the Québec City Convention Centre, strategically located in the heart of the city, active business travellers can easily walk to many surrounding hotels, wonderful restaurants and boutiques, and major event sites.

If you like running, you’ll find it’s the perfect activity for exploring Québec City. With all the staircases that connect the upper and lower town, you’ll have ample opportunity to tone those muscles and work on your cardio.

Rue Saint-Louis

Côte de la Montagne

Rue Saint-Paul

Safe CityTrue Peace of Mind

Any event organizer who values peace of mind will find just what they’re after in Québec City, the 3rd safest city in the world because of its low crime rate (CEOWorld Magazine, 2019) and one of the safest cities in Canada.

The peaceful streets are a real bonus for visitors and convention attendees, making Québec City the ideal location for high security summits and events with high profile guests. The Summit of the Americas and the Francophone Summit, attended by heads of state and dignitaries from around the world, have both been held at the Québec City Convention Centre—a testament to its standing as a world-class venue.

Sommet de la Francophonie 2008

Québec City, Steve Deschênes

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