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ServicesYou’re in Good Hands

At the Québec City Convention Centre, our team of solution oriented professionals provides service that’s anything but conventional to help make your event a success. Convention Centre staff work with experienced partners and collaborators to provide a full range of specialized meeting and event services, including event coordination, visitor reception, security, food and beverage, housekeeping, facility maintenance, hall rigging, installation and takedown, technical production, IT and technology, and more! Their goal is simple: to deliver unparalleled service focused on solutions and the success of your event. With a client satisfaction rate of over 90% year after year, you’ll quickly discover that we’re as good as our word.

A/V ServicesBright Lights and Sensational Sound

Looking for A/V solutions to give your event a boost? Want to impress your audience, create an immersive experience, get a response from the crowd, or create inspiring lighting and sound effects? Work with our team of A/V specialists.

Concierge Desk and Business CentreMaking Your Life Easier

Our Concierge Desk business centre offer practical and flexible services tailored to your needs.  At the Québec City Convention Centre, we do things differently and strive to make life a little easier for convention planners. Like a Swiss army knife, the Concierge Desk business centre puts everything you’re looking for at your fingertips.

Additional StaffCommitted to Helping You

You’ll find our dedicated team of anything-but-conventional professionals to be a friendly and reassuring presence. If you’d like to add staff to enrich your participants’ experience at the Convention Centre or meet specific needs during your event, just let us know. We have qualified hospitality and security staff at the ready.

Shipping and CustomsLet Our Experts Help You!

The Québec City Convention Centre is recognized by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) as an official customs clearance site. We also work with specialized shipping and customs partners to make the whole process easier for you.


Food and Beverage

The food at the Québec City Convention Centre is a reflection of the city’s incredibly vibrant food scene. Working with an experienced culinary team, Chef Gérard Michel heads up the biggest kitchen in the region. This state-of-the-art facility can turn out up to 6,000 meals a day—everything from breakfasts to gala dinners, and buffets to box lunches. Our exclusive food and beverage partner, Capital HRS, provides excellent advice to help you select your menus and sort out the logistics of your needs.

Ecofriendly Snack Bar

Light meals, including sandwiches, soups, and coffees, are available at our snack bar, conveniently located in the foyer on Level 3. Right alongside, you’ll find an inviting lounge with a view of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste district and a relaxing atmosphere that’s great for networking. Most of the food items are prepared from scratch by our exclusive food and beverage partner, Capital HRS. Hours vary depending on the activities at the Centre. A mobile snack bar is also available to provide meal service to visitors and participants directly in their event sector. You’ll be pleased to know that 85% of the snack bar’s throwaway containers are compostable—a detail your participants are sure to appreciate.

Ecofriendly Cuisine

We believe in offering food services that are ecofriendly. That’s why our team uses ecofriendly practices in the kitchen and in all our food services:

  • 85% of the snack bar’s throwaway containers are compostable and the rest are recyclable
  • The kitchen has bins for composting and recycling
  • Water for all events is provided in pitchers instead of bottles
  • Bulk dispensers are used for milk, cream, juice, sugar, and butter; utensils are provided
  • Stir sticks for coffee are made of wood, not plastic
  • Our menus feature local products
  • Extra food goes to shelters and transition homes

Food Safety

Do some of your guests have health problems, allergies, or dietary restrictions? Are there vegetarians in the crowd? Our food and beverage partner, Capital HRS, pays special attention to special needs and has measures in place to ensure the health and safety of all your guests. All Capital HRS food staff and managers and the majority of food handlers have received Bio-Contrôle training in hygiene and food safety. An effective prevention and monitoring system is also in place to avoid any risk of food contamination.

Serving Drinks Responsibly

Evening events, galas, and cocktail parties are worry-free events at the Québec City Convention Centre. Our team takes care of everything to ensure guests’ safety and wellbeing. The Convention Centre is Service in Action certified, which means all bar staff are trained to facilitate responsible drinking. And to make sure everyone gets home safely, the Convention Centre partners with TZ Capitale Nationale to offer convention-goers and guests a safe ride home.


A/V ServicesBright Lights and Sensational Sound

Light and sound can be used in so many different ways to make your content more engaging and create a captivating experience. The Québec City Convention Centre and its partner Freeman Audio Visual have the expertise you’re looking for and the presentation and A/V solutions you need: audience response, interactive technology, lighting, mobile apps, presentation management, simultaneous translation, stage management, video projection, and more.

How to use technology to better service sponsorship.


Why Work with Freeman?

As the Québec City Convention Centre’s resident A/V services provider, Freeman Audio Visual has a flawless understanding of our sophisticated A/V system and safety rules. Plus, with their extensive experience at the Convention Centre, they know how to use every space to your best advantage. Their expert team has access to our facility 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is intimately familiar with all of the equipment available onsite.

Free Mobile App

Event organizers who choose to work with Freeman Audio Visual receive event-planning app CumulusTM at no extra charge. Worth up to $15,000, this interactive app gives your participants rapid access to practical information about your event, including the program, list of participants, speaker list and bios, floor plans, sponsors, and more. With free wireless Internet available throughout the Québec City Convention Centre, participants can quickly and easily access all the essential information hosted on Cumulus using any smartphone.

Interested? Have questions? Contact Philippe Dupont, Account Manager, at 418-649-7711 or at 1 888 679-4000, ext. 5226.


Make the most of your event with webcasting. Offered by our partner Shift Solutions, webcasting is used to broadcast multimedia content (either live or deferred) on the web. This increasingly popular option increases your audience and lets you make conference presentations available to future viewers.

Interested? Have questions? Contact Éric Turgeon, Technology Advisor, at 514-830-2735.

More Sponsorship, More Revenue

Turn our video walls into an added revenue stream by reselling them as promotional spaces to your sponsors, and increase the value of your event!


ServicesCustom Internet

Want to make the most of the Québec City Convention Centre’s high speed wired and wireless Internet? Need to create a local area network (LAN) or rent IT equipment?

With Miro informatique, our exclusive partner for Internet services and custom networks, you’re in good hands. With their knowledge and experience, Miro’s IT team can come up with smart solutions that fit your budget, including:

  • Full onsite inventory
  • Brand-name computer equipment rentals: IBM, Lenovo, and HP servers, desktop computers, laptops, printers, and network equipment
  • Turnkey solutions for temporary offices, training rooms, trade show booths, and Internet cafés
  • Qualified technicians onsite to install operating systems and productivity and security software
  • 24/7 technical assistance


To find out more, contact Yves Fortier at Miro informatique: 418-649-5219 or at 1 888 679-4000.


Concierge Desk and Business Centre

There’s a one stop shop for everything you and your participants need. Looking for business services? Tourist information? A gift shop? Just head over to our Concierge Desk You’ll be glad you stopped by. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll do our best to find it for you.

Contact our Concierge Desk at any time leading up to your event to let them know what you’ll need. Our concierge will make your event planning that much easier by:

  • Organizing activities and tours for small groups.
  • Sourcing flowers and decorations, as well gifts, chocolates, or plaques featuring your organization’s logo.
  • Booking limousines and rental cars through our partner, Avis Car Rental .
  • Preselling tickets for your trade show or event.
  • Making reservations for shows or restaurants.
  • Selling ad space on our digital signage network.

Also available: Secretarial and copy services, poster printing, Internet access, cellphone charging stations, stationery items, and other convenience products.

Additional Services

Have large volumes of materials to print for your event? We’ll take care of it with our partner, Copies de la Capitale.

Want large format colour banners to increase the visibility of your event? We also offer flexible turnkey printing packages through our partner, CPS Sérigraphie.

You can also contact our Concierge Desk at 418 649-5205 or at 1 888 679-4000.


Additional Staff

Greeting ServicesA Multitalented and Welcoming Team

The Québec City Convention Centre likes to offer every visitor a welcome commensurate with the city’s reputation for fine hospitality. You’ll find friendly, bilingual members of our professional reception team on hand throughout the Convention Centre to direct attendees and visitors to their activities and answer any questions they may have. This service is offered free of charge courtesy of Collège Mérici, our official partner for reception services.

In addition to the reception staff included in our basic rate, you can request additional staff for specific events or short term needs. Our qualified personnel can welcome guests to an evening or exhibition, help with registration or ticket services, staff cloakrooms, handle crowd control, fill gift bags, or help with other tasks,. We’ll draw up a customized service offer based on your specific needs.

SecurityDiscreet & WellTrained Professionals

We host highsecurity events and offer close protection services for highprofile guests, as well as crowd and demonstration control. Your attendees can go about their business without any concerns, secure in the knowledge that they are in a highsecurity setting. Commissionaires Québec, our official security partner, provides efficient, discreet protection as well as comprehensive medical assistance. Onsite, you’ll find an infirmary and all the necessary medical equipment, such as EpiPens and semi-automatic defibrillators. In addition, all security personnel are certified first responders.

If you need additional security personnel to guard rooms, control access, protect high-profile guests, or install additional surveillance equipment, just let your event coordinator know.


Shipping and Customs
Let Our Experts Help You!

Our expert shipping partners, Dolbec International and Mendelssohn Commerce, offer streamlined shipping and customs services to simplify the customs process for conventions, meetings, trade shows, and more.

Dolbec InternationalCanadian and International Events

Handling Transport Logistics for All Your Event Materials

To optimize your shipping logistics, Dolbec International moves goods to a central nearby location before delivering them to the Convention Centre. Dolbec can also coordinate pick-up and delivery services for exhibitors and all your event partners. This service makes your job a whole lot easier and lets you set an optimal schedule for deliveries to the Québec City Convention Centre.

Dolbec offers North American and international (air and sea) shipping services.

Procedures and Event Registration

Reassure your exhibitors and participants about customs procedures for your event. With Dolbec International, you can register your event with the Canada Border Services Agency so that your participants can qualify for duty and provincial sales tax exemptions on materials they import for the convention (some restrictions apply). Once the goods arrive in Canada, they’ll move smoothly through customs without delays.  

Mendelssohn CommerceAmerican Events

Customs and Shipping

Mendelssohn Commerce’s customs and shipping services make it easier for promoters, exhibitors, presenters, speakers, sponsors, and American partners to import goods for conventions, meetings, and other events at the Québec City Convention Centre.

Registering Your Event

Securing official recognition for your event (Mendelssohn will provide you with the necessary form), will, in many cases, exempt you from import taxes and duties and speed up the clearance process. Using letters of recognition and border to show services, Mendelssohn Commerce can move imported goods directly to the event site and have them cleared through customs once they arrive. When the convention is over, Mendelssohn’s team has the necessary paperwork all ready so the goods can be exported back to the United States.

Customs Made Easy

We provide event organizers with support services to help them maximize booth sales by simplifying the customs and shipping process to maximize participation. By speaking directly with potential exhibitors or writing the copy for the exhibitor prospectus, we provide them with useful information written in language they’ll understand, so that all potential exhibitors feel comfortable about coming to Canada.

For questions, contact Nathalie Loiselle, Head of Exhibitions, at  418 649-7711 or at 1 888 679-4000, ext. 4384.

Need info? Contact our anything but conventionnal team.

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