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Food and Beverage

In the event planning industry, both event organizers and hosts want to serve up the high-quality food that convention goers expect. That means innovating and staying up on the latest culinary trends. No one knows this better than the Québec City Convention Centre and its catering partner, Capital HRS. They pull out all the stops to deliver what event organizers want and create buzz.

For Capital HRS general manager André Beauchamp, the best way to achieve this goal is to work hand in hand with event organizers to find out what they want and walk them through the decision making process. Catering takes a big bite out of convention budgets, so this is key. “It’s critical to establish good communication and provide support throughout the planning process. Our forte isn’t forcing preset menus on our clients; it’s being flexible and giving them what they really want. And when we cater banquets, we make good on the promises we make during client tastings and serve on time,” explains Beauchamp.

Walking dinners are all the rage with event organizers these days. They let the culinary team shine while satisfying tastes of all kinds. They allow for flexibility and variety, making it easier to honor multiple special requests while giving attendees a chance to mingle and interact. At the Québec City Convention Centre, Capital HRS’s theme buffet stations are always a topic of conversation among convention goers. With everything from a potato bar and poutine and mini burger stations to vegetarian options, gourmet macaroni and cheese, and maple specialties, the sheer variety of dishes and ingredients on display at these beautiful stations satisfies even the most discriminating of palates.

Every market craves something different. Clients from Québec like more internationally flavored menus that take them on a culinary journey complete with new ingredients and flavors, while other clients want classic dishes made with local ingredients constructed and presented in an imaginative way. But one thing is for sure. The Capital HRS team, under the direction of Chef Gérard Michel always stays up on the latest trends to serve up delectable and inspired dishes made with the finest ingredients.

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