Preventive measures put in place at the Québec City Convention Centre

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Due to the concerns surrounding the coronavirus (COVID‑19), the Québec City Convention Centre would like to inform its clients and visitors of the preventive measures it has put in place to control any potential transmission. In addition to the usual practices it uses to ensure healthy, comfortable spaces, it has instituted a COVID‑19 watch and surveillance as well as the measures detailed in its Infectious Case Prevention Action Plan. The Centre is also aligning its preventive measures with those recommended by the Québec government’s public health department.

As of today, the Public Health Agency of Canada has assessed the public health risk associated with COVID‑19 for Canada as low.

The Convention Centre’s security officers are trained as first responders and can provide medical assistance as needed if someone seems to be showing symptoms. Occupants also enjoy the highest possible air quality thanks to the Centre’s HEPA-filtered ventilation system. The Convention Centre boasts a well-trained building cleaning and maintenance team that is prepared take the required actions to keep its clientele healthy and happy.

The Centre will further enhance its already above-industry-standard prevention measures in the following ways:

  • Increasing the air change per hour in meeting rooms
  • Cleaning washrooms and public spaces more frequently
  • Amplifying reminders to wash hands in washrooms
  • Adding hand-sanitizer gel dispensers in strategic locations

As the situation develops, the Québec City Convention Centre will continue to communicate with its clients to keep them informed.

Visit the Convention Centre’s COVID-19 update.

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