New executive chef takes over Québec City Convention Centre kitchens

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The Québec City Convention Centre and its exclusive food and beverage partner, Capital HRS, are pleased to announce the arrival of a new executive chef as head of the biggest event-driven kitchen in Québec City. Chef Jean-Pierre Cloutier will use his culinary passion to take the Convention Centre’s reputation for excellence to new heights.

“Taking over the kitchens of the Québec City Convention Centre, known both in Québec and abroad for the quality of its cuisine, is a huge challenge. I’m proud to join this anything-but-conventional team, which has helped showcase Québec specialties and promote local products. I wish to continue on that path while introducing my own vision of event food, which focuses on creativity, simplicity, and authenticity,” said Mr. Cloutier.

“We are extremely pleased with the arrival of Mr. Cloutier, an experienced chef who honed his skills in Québec City and is known for his community involvement. We needed an extraordinary individual to replace Chef Gérard Michel, who raised the quality of our cuisine to new heights over the years. And we found him! Thousands of guests who come to dine with us will now enjoy the cuisine of Jean-Pierre Cloutier,” commented Québec City Convention Centre President and CEO Pierre-Michel Bouchard.

An involved chef

In addition to his role as chef—particularly as chef and owner of Restaurant du Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec for 18 years and as consulting chef for a number of the city’s restaurants—Jean-Pierre Cloutier is involved in many organizations and events. The causes he supports are varied, ranging from Société des chefs, cuisiniers et pâtissiers du Québec to Moisson Québec, Fondation Serge Bruyère, and Québec Exquis. He has also contributed to creating books such as Cuisinez avec les aliments contre le cancer.

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