The International Association of People-Environment Studies (IAPS) chooses Québec City

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Québec City made a splash on the international stage by winning an important bid in Rome, Italy, on July 13 thanks to the combined efforts of Université Laval and the Québec City Convention Centre. The International Association of People-Environment Studies (IAPS) will be holding its 26th conference in Canada. This will be the first time the conference comes to North America—the 25 previous conferences took place in Europe and Asia.

From June 21 to 26, 2020, Université Laval and the Québec City Convention Centre will host some 500 researchers in the fields of architecture, urban planning, psychology, geography, sociology, anthropology, and other disciplines that study people-environment relations.

Québec City has once again proven how attractive it is as a destination for international conferences,” said Québec City Convention Centre President and CEO Pierre-Michel Bouchard. “I applaud the hard work, determination, and international standing of the key stakeholders who helped tip the scales of the IAPS decision-makers. By attracting conferences to the city, these ambassadors are helping raise Québec City’s profile on the world stage.

This conference will be an opportunity to celebrate 50 years of scientific work around the globe on the interrelationships between people and the environment and the long history of education and research in the field at Université Laval’s School of Architecture,” added Carole Després, a Université Laval professor, co-founder of Groupe interdisciplinaire de recherche sur les banlieues (GIRBa), and director of the project.

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Led by Carole Després, who supported the pitch via videoconference, the bid was championed in Rome by Dr. Després’s fellow co-chairs, professor Émilie Pinard of Laurentian University’s McEwen School of Architecture, professor Sébastien Lord of the School of Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture at Université de Montréal, and sales manager ocelyn Guertin of the Québec City Convention Centre. Denise Piché, an associate professor at Université Laval, rounded out the team of co-chairs. All four co-chairs have taught, are teaching, or studied at Université Laval’s School of Architecture.

About Université Laval’s School of Architecture

Université Laval’s School of Architecture and its training programs are based on values that are deeply rooted in the school’s history: respect for and enhancement of the natural and built environment, an awareness of varying uses and cultural diversity, and an understanding of how architecture contributes to environmental sustainability through the reinterpretation of environments, collaboration, thoughtful design, and innovation.

About IAPS

Officially founded in 1981, IAPS is an active, multidisciplinary association of researchers and practitioners from around the world who share an interest in how people interact with their environment. The fields of psychology, sociology, geography, design, and urban planning are all represented within the association, as are many others. IAPS is a forum for interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration.

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