New collaboration between the Québec City Convention Centre and the CÉC Montmagny: Students in stage production put their training into practice

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The Québec City Convention Centre and the Centre d’études collégiales de Montmagny have joined forces to offer on-the-job training and employment opportunities to students in the Production scénique – régie et techniques scéniques program. The Convention Centre, which hosts more than 200 events per year, is a compelling playground for the next generation of professionals finishing their studies in event logistics and stage technology. Starting in June 2023, some 20 graduates and 20 first-year students will be putting their knowledge of the various aspects of the event industry into practice.

Offered since 2006 at CÉC Montmagny, Production scénique – régie et techniques scéniques trade program is a revised program from fall 2022, during which students learn how to carry out the technical aspects of the world of entertainment and events, including the corporate sector. At the end of their two years of intensive training, they can work as stage technicians, stage managers, sound technicians, production assistants, riggers, stagehands, lighting technicians and more.

Room being set up for the FISM 2022 Magic Championship with the installation of large black curtains using a platform and hanging bridges.
Room in assembly at the Quebec City Convention Center with many audiovisual equipments and hanging bridges in installation.

An opportunity like this allows students and graduates to meet professionals in the field, discover potential employers, and keep abreast of trends and developments in the field of stage production. On the other hand, employers can take advantage of this opportunity to enrich their networking rosters by adding new skilled workers to their list of potential partners.

Through their rigging courses or their certification in aerial work platforms, students will be invited to experience the hanging of specialized technical equipment in the vast spaces of the Québec City Convention Centre. Transportation will even be provided from Montmagny to Québec City. 

“The field of rigging and scenic installations is specialized and requires a qualified workforce. We are pleased to be able to offer students from the Centre d’études collégiales de Montmagny an opportunity to explore their career possibilities in a concrete way. Moreover, a tight labour market, it helps us to have motivated resources who have the skills to assist us during events,” explained Pierre-Michel Bouchard, President and CEO of the Québec City Convention Centre.

“Our government wants to maximize the economic spin-offs of business tourism by attracting more international events to Québec. To achieve this, it is important to have trained and competent personnel to produce high-quality events. I applaud this type of initiative, which promotes career opportunities in the local tourism industry while giving the next generation of professionals hands-on experience in the field,” added Caroline Proulx, Minister of Tourism and Minister responsible for the Lanaudière region of Québec.

“The training we offer our students in the Production scénique – régie et techniques scéniques program is comprehensive and responds concretely to the needs of the industry. We hope that every company will be able to hire exceptionally trained professionals for their growing event management needs,” said Cynthia Lavoie, Director of the Centre d’études collégiales de Montmagny.

The Québec City Convention Centre has its own team of riggers and can perform all hanging operations autonomously. Over the years, the Convention Centre has equipped itself with more than 72 motors and 115 bridges for its multipurpose rooms with multiple hanging points. Event planners can benefit from maximum flexibility, easily rent equipment (including installation services), and save on time, transportation and human resources.

Room in set up at the Québec City Convention Centre where riggers are installing equipment. A safety helmet and gloves are placed on a crate of equipment.

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