700 francophone pulmonology specialists coming to Québec City

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Some 700 healthcare professionals and respiratory health researchers from over 25 French-speaking countries will meet at the Québec City Convention Centre October 12 to 14, 2017, for Espace francophone de pneumologie (EFP), a biennial event.

This international francophone conference addresses issues in clinical practice, research, and education in respiratory medicine from around the world and will be held under the theme “Specialized Medicine” this year.

A number of Québec-based respiratory-health-care organizations joined together to bring this scientific conference to Québec. Its principal promoters are:

Dr. Louis-Philippe Boulet, a pulmonologist with the Québec Heart and Lung Institute (IUCPQ) – Université Laval and the conference chair. Dr. Boulet also helped bring two other conferences to Québec City—the XXII INTERASMA World Congress of Asthma (2012) and Symposium Québec France en santé respiratoire (2008).

Dr. Élyse Bissonnette, a researcher at IUCPQ-Université Laval and the director of the Respiratory Health Network of Fonds de recherche du Québec (RHN-FRQS), the organization hosting the conference. Dr. Bissonnette will be highly involved, co-chairing the conference and chairing the local organizing committee.

About the EFP

Founded in 2010, the Espace francophone de pneumologie conference brings together the world’s foremost French-speaking pulmonologists represented by ten learned societies. The EFP helps strengthen the position of French as a language of scientific discussion on pulmonology in French-speaking countries.

*Organizations involved:

Respiratory Health Network of the Fonds de recherche du Québec (RHN-FRQS)
Association des pneumologues de la province du Québec (APPQ)
Réseau québécois d’éducation en santé respiratoire (RQESR)
Quebec Lung Association (APQ)
Vice-décanat à la pédagogie et au développement professionnel continu (VDPDC) of the Université Laval Faculty of Medicine
Espace francophone de pneumologie (EFP)
Journées de recherche respiratoire (J2R)

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