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Are you an exhibitor for an upcoming event at the Québec City Convention Centre? We want your time in Québec City to be a success. Below, you’ll find FAQs with tons of useful information.

The Québec City Convention Centre has specialized staff and equipment to help make your exhibitor experience the best it can be. Be sure to read through the Exhibitor Guide supplied by the organizers of your event. It contains technical specifications and all the essential information about the event you’ll be attending as an exhibitor.

Booking Services

Working with our partners, we offer a range of exhibitor services, including sign and banner installation, electricity, warehousing, maintenance and stand cleaning. Use the order forms to order these services. Event organizers and promoters sometimes include some of these services in the basic cost for renting a booth.

Loading Areas

Loading area: 855 rue Jean-Jacques-Bertrand, Québec City, G1R 5V3

Located near Exhibit Hall 400 ABC.
7 loading docks
Semitrailer trucks up to 53′ 
Ceiling height : 13′ 6″

Loading area: 875 rue Saint-Joachim, Québec City, G1R 5V4

Semitrailer trucks up to 48′
Ceiling height: 13′


The Centre has measures in place for recycling and waste collection. Recycling and waste stations are installed during exhibition set-up and takedown.

To reduce the amount of single-use plastic bottles, we invite you to bring your own reusable container that you can easily refill from one of our 16 water fountains located in the public areas of the Centre.


  • Where can I find order forms?

    You’ll find our order forms in the Order forms section of this site. Just select your event and the services you’d like to order.

  • Is there a restaurant inside the Québec City Convention Centre?

    Of course! See the Restaurants section of this site.

  • Is there reserved parking for exhibitors?

    See the Exhibitor Guide provided by your event organizer to find out if exhibitors will have reserved parking spaces. Otherwise, see the Parking section of this site for parking options near the Québec City Convention Centre.

  • How do I order furniture for a trade show?

    Your event organizer’s chosen service provider will have a range of furniture and accessories available for your booth.  To order in advance or for more information, see the Exhibitor Guide provided by your promoter or event.

  • I’m a driver for X Co. What’s the address for deliveries?

    It’s best to get the shipping addresses for our loading areas before arriving at the Québec City Convention Centre. If you need the information right away, call us at 418 6444000 or at 1 888 679-4000.

  • I’m an exhibitor. Where should I send my shipments?

    See the Exhibitor Guide provided by your event organizer for the correct shipping address for your event.

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