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Please take note that since September 1st, 2021, a proof of vaccination is asked to participate in events held at the Convention Centre.


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We save 35,500 cubic meters of water every year, more than our largest room, thanks to our environmental practices.


SustainabilityEnvision a Greener Tomorrow

The Québec City Convention Centre is a place where you can enjoy a wonderful meeting today without compromising tomorrow. At our facility, green management is part of the package. Our commitment to sustainability inspires innovative solutions and concrete actions that reduce the ecological footprint of all our events.

A Leader in Sustainable Development

The Québec City Convention Centre is a leader in sustainable development. Every day, staff at the Convention Centre apply the most stringent environmental management standards and implement sustainable operations, technology, and food service procedures.

Event organizers who book with the Centre enjoy access to trained experts, state-of-the-art equipment, and a tried and tested waste collection and recycling system at no extra charge. We have a commitment to reclaim at least 80% of waste materials and compostable products generated by all convention activities.

Our EcoFriendly Operations

  • Sustainable development action plan and environmental policy
  • Environmental management system (EMS) and environmental management plan (EMP)
  • Sustainable development committee
  • Green operations team
  • Eco-friendly procurement
  • Recycling and waste management system, including standardized separate-collection methods and procedures and multimaterial recycling stations
  • Sustainable water management
  • Computerized energy management, with gas, electricity, and steam meters
  • Hazardous materials response plan
  • Filtered water fountains connected to the municipal water system in every room

Our Green Building

  • A smart system that reduces water consumption
  • Energy-efficient lighting and mercury-free lights
  • Maximization of natural light in pre-function areas
  • Steam heating system, use of eco-friendly natural gas; electricity used during offpeak hours
  • Energy-efficient cold water compressor, HCFC-123 compressors, and use of natural cooling
  • Individual automated lighting, heating, ventilation, and air quality controls in each room
  • Preventive maintenance program
  • Smoke-free environment
  • Monitoring of cleaning products that can affect air quality
  • Variable control of fresh air intake using CO2 sensors
  • Ventilation systems with high-efficiency air filters and meeting-room air change rates of between six and ten times per hour; temperature, humidity, and CO2 sensors in each room

3 Practical Tools

Three practical tools are available to organizers who would like their event to be even greener or to obtain a higher level of certification:

  1. Tips and tricks for holding eco-friendly events 
  2. Self assessment for green events: Fill yours out today!
  3. GHG calculator for carbon offsetting: the calculator

Our Partners in Sustainability

To offset the GHGs emitted for event transport and travel or to enlist the services of a sustainable event specialist, talk to one of our partners:

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