The Québec City Convention Centre becomes proud partner of Défi Entreprises 2017

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The Québec City Convention Centre is proud to partner with Défi Entreprises for its 2017 edition, to be held on Parliament Hill in Québec City. Not only does this event promote physical activity and healthy lifestyle habits in the workplace, it raises money for the Québec Heart and Lung Institute Foundation (IUCPQ), affiliated with Université Laval.

The Québec City Convention Centre, located in downtown Québec, a few steps from Parliament Hill, is the perfect rallying point for the thousands of Défi Entreprises participants. They’ll be able to safely leave their belongings and head to the meeting point to start the race.

In exchange for using the Convention Centre, Défi Entreprises will donate the amounts collected in lieu of registration fees from Convention Centre employees to the IUCPQ. To increase participation, the Québec City Convention Centre will match its participating staff’s donations.

“We’re delighted with this collaboration, which will give participants a safe, dry place to leave their belongings,” said Daniel Riou, Founder and CEO of Défi Entreprises. ”It’s a win-win for everyone!”

“This partnership with Défi Entreprises helps us achieve two goals at once,” said P.-Michel Bouchard, CEO of the Québec City Convention Centre. “First, the challenge is a great way to encourage our employees to participate in large numbers. But it’s also an opportunity for us to shine a spotlight on the work of IUCPQ researchers, more than a dozen of whom act as Convention Centre ambassadors who help attract and organize conferences in Québec City,”


About Défi Entreprises

Défi Entreprises is a simple and effective physical activity program that promotes healthy lifestyle habits in the workplace. In its six-year history, Défi Entreprises has seen the number of participants jump from 400 to over 13,000 runners, and the number of participating companies from 20 to 545. Défi Entreprises in Québec City is the third most popular running event in the province.

Photo: Emmanuel Coveney

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