Québec City represented on the national stage

Caroline Langelier, Director, Sales for the Québec City Convention Centre and  Québec City Business Destination, will represent Québec City on the sales and marketing committee of Business Events Canada (BEC), une division de Destination Canada (formerly the Canadian Tourism Commission).

The sales and marketing committee is made up of 12 representatives from across Canada and advices the BEC on how to promote Canada as a venue for meetings, conventions, and business trips. Ms. Langelier’s appointment to this committee will give Québec City a voice on the national stage to help it shine as a great destination for business events and conferences.

Destination Canada (DC) is a national tourism marketing organization that promotes Canada as a premier four-season tourism destination where travellers can enjoy unforgettable experiences.

Lights, camera, action!

On November 4, following her appointment, the BEC invited Ms. Langelier to a film shoot to present Québec City and all it has to offer as a Canadian business destination.