9 indispensables to enjoy your vacation

Our Concierge, Nathalie Cloutier, shares her 9 indispensable items and tips to fully enjoy your summer vacation. 

1- Be prepared
One of the most annoying moments on vacation is surely passing security at the airport. The name of the game is preparation! Be prepared when going through security to make the moment less awful. 

The 3-1-1 rule will help you pack your carry-on for maximum efficiency. You’re allowed to carry recipients of liquids of 100 ml (3,4 oz) or less, in 1 transparent, resealable 1-liter bag. 

Refer to the Government of Canada website for more details. 

2- Rest easy… ish
To help you rest or even sleep if you’re of the lucky ones able to sleep on a flight, create a restful environment. 

Prepare as you would at home. Brush your teeth, wash your hands and face, use earplugs and a sleeping mask to create an intimate bubble you can relax in. 

Nathalie suggests the Velvet Moustache, a Québec City business, cute and affordable sleeping masks

3 – Choose accessories wisely
Space is a much needed and rare commodity while travelling. It is essential to choose accessories that are practical as well as resistant. A hard case can be used to store money or cards.

Capsul, a Montreal business, produces polypropylene cases in a variety of colors. They can carry up to 12 credit cards or 50 business cards.

For more information, visit Capsul. Available at the Convention Centre’s concierge desk. 

4- Stay hydrated
All water is not created equal. To be on the safe side while keeping hydrated, use a water purifier. Our Concierge recommends the SteriPEN to purify tap water in any country. It only takes 48 seconds to purify 500 ml of water.  

5 – Stay connected… but not too much 
The objective of a vacation is to unwind and clear your head. It can however be important to have access to emails and whatnot. Tablets, laptops and cell phones… don’t forget your charger and more importantly, your adaptor. A quick visit on Skross will help you determine your adaptor needs according to your origin and destination. It’s almost too easy!

6 – Write down your memories
Using pen and paper to document your vacation, shocking, we know! While social sharing every aspect of one’s life is now the norm, writing down memories and experiences can seem quite novel when travelling. Trust our Concierge, a beautiful journal can easily replace Twitter. 

She suggests using a beautifully crafted goatskin travel journal. 196 pages. Binded par Sylvie Richard. Available at the Concierge desk. 

7 – Stay healthy
Don’t let health concerns ruin your vacation. Try Bio-K+ travel protection tablets. Developed in part at Québec City’s Université Laval, Bio-K+ probiotic will protect your digestive system in a natural way. 

8- Protect your identity 
Theft is an unfortunate part of travelling. Whether it be your property or identity, it’s important to protect yourself. In addition to wearing a closed bag, close to the body, you also need to protect against identity theft. 

Our Concierge recommends using the RFID blocking sleeves. They will protect your credit and debit cards from being scanned. 

9 – Stay off your feet
You might ask how staying off your feet is possible while traveling. Well it’s not. But Flip Stick can help alleviate some of your feet hurt. Whip out the Flip Stick while waiting in line to visit attractions or even the restroom. They might be funny looking, but we guarantee you’ll make people jealous when resting your feet. How can you not with such a stylish object!