Smart City Experience

Past Events

On November 8, 2022, the Québec City Convention Centre welcomes the Smart City Experience, powered by Arche Innovation.

In collaboration with the Ville de Québec and experts, participants gathered during this event will work on a concrete accessibility project during the Urban Innovation Workshop. In parallel to the Workshop, conferences will be presented by organizations and elected officials who all share the same passion for the transformation of Québec’s cities. Discussions will focus on the importance of data for the inclusion and accessibility of citizens. A panel of mayors will also address the hot topics of the moment. The event will close with the presentation of the results of the Workshop.

The Smart City Experience (SCE) is a platform for public officials, community organizations, researchers and the private sector to share knowledge and collaborate to imagine and implement the cities of tomorrow. The SCE is designed specifically for agents of change, working to modernize our municipal infrastructure and find ways to improve our communal quality of life.