2023 Optica Design and Fabrication Congress

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From June 4 to 8, 2023, the Québec City Convention Centre welcomes the 2023 Optica Design and Fabrication Congress presented by Optica.

Optical design and fabrication play an ever-increasing role in the modern society as more applications for optics are developed, especially in the areas of imaging, sensing and illumination systems. The topics of this congress include the fabrication of optics by lasers, additive manufacturing of optical components, the latest freeform design tools for illumination optics design and fabrication, micro-optics and the fabrication and use of optics from new materials, including the use of metasurfaces and other flat optical component techniques in advanced optical systems.

During the congress, the 10th International Optical Design Conference (IODC 2023) will be presented. The efforts of two members of the Ambassadors’ Club, Mr. Simon Thibault and Ms. Anne-Sophie Poulin-Girard, helped to attract such a large-scale event to Québec City. Learn more.

Founded over 100 years ago, Optica is an organization dedicated to advancing optics and photonics worldwide.

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