Contributing to the Community

Our Contribution to the Community

The Québec City Convention Centre and its operations have a big impact on the community and economy of the entire Québec City area.

Economic contributions

1996–present (March 31, 2016)

  • $1.7 billion in total economic activity generated
  • $1,371.1 million in new money outside of Québec and the Québec City area
  • $389.2 million in tax and tax-related revenues for government
  • $436.3 million in sales for the hotel and restaurant industries
  • 3,262,714 million room-nights

Yearly average

  • $100million in economic activity
  • Over 140 events and some 200,000 visitors

Social contributions

  • Some 1,300 jobs created and maintained every year
  • Over 50% of jobs held by people age 35 and under
  • Support for community projects, many for residents of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste neighborhood where the Centre is located
  • Partnership agreements with regional organizations
  • A showcase of local talent and launching pad for artists
  • Training ground for the tourism professionals of tomorrow
  • Support for promoters of new events

Refer to our Annual Management Report (French only) to find out more.