Québec City Convention Centre


The Québec City Convention Centre is located in a bustling neighborhood, in downtown Québec City.


Hygiene Measures at the Convention Centre The Importance of Housekeeping During Events in the Era of COVID-19

June 10, 2020

Just a few months ago, we didn’t pay too much attention to housekeeping staff, with their cleaning carts and cloths in hand, as they wiped, cleaned and swept discretely. However, this will no longer be the case. The importance of their work in a public health context has propelled them to the forefront. These workers have gone from working in the shadows to shining in the spotlight.

The new era of cleaning

The world has changed since the emergence of COVID-19, and the ways of doing things are also changing. The pandemic—and the fear of contracting the disease—have raised the standards of cleanliness and hygiene by several notches. Faced with this new reality, event facilities, such as convention centres, are busy deploying improved cleaning protocols and refining operational measures to ensure a safe, healthy environment for participants and occupants. In fact, building cleaning and maintenance services have entered a new era, and the maintenance staff—our heroes—we want to see at work!


A link in the chain of excellence

Not all meeting places highlight their cleaning specialists. It’s different at the Québec City Convention Centre as the team believes that excellence in service delivery is the result of the great work from all stakeholders. The virtues of housekeeping have long been a link that contributes to the Convention Centre’s reputation for excellence among its clientele and event organizers. They are anything but conventional…and they are essential!

High standards of cleanliness

Establishing high standards of cleanliness and ensuring a healthy environment have always been part of the Québec City Convention Centre’s quality criteria. In this regard, it relies on its partner, GDI Services aux immeubles, a North American leader in commercial maintenance services. For these technical cleaning experts, during the time of COVID-19, the objective is “not only to clean for appearances, but to clean for health.” They are also the project managers that adhere to the Propreté en santé initiative, a rigorous cleaning protocol.

Cleaning plan during COVID-19 times

What will change at the Québec City Convention Centre? What new health measures will be implemented for future events? What can event organizers and participants expect?

The example of the 54e Finale of the Jeux du Québec

The Centre has amassed a wealth of experience over thousands of events that required high standards of hygiene. Moreover, the Québec City Convention Centre is equipped to prevent and manage crises. For example, the Centre hosted 3,300 young athletes for a week during the 54th finale of the Jeux du Québec. There was a great risk, according to the Jeux du Québec organization, because there was a one in two chance of a gastroenteritis epidemic occurring. Fortunately, through the Québec City Convention Centre’s exceptional sanitary measures, this catastrophic scenario was avoided.

Diligent preparation

Pending government to allow events to meet again, the Québec City Convention Centre is already at work and is diligently preparing, in collaboration with its service partners, to deploy its health measures plan. From the purchase of specialized equipment to improved maintenance measures to effective signage and well-trained personnel, a whole series of initiatives will be implemented to be able to safely host events and participants.

Some sanitary measures for safer events:

  • Continuous rounds of technical cleaning through meeting rooms and public areas.
  • Use of products with prolonged effectiveness in frequently used areas (washrooms, elevators, escalators).
  • Installation of automatic door openers, non-contact fountains, portable hand washing stations, mobile disinfectant gel stations.
  • Ensure a maximum supply of fresh air (12 air exchanges per hour).
  • Signage reminding visitors of the distance rules and safety instructions.
  • Optimal registration areas in strategic locations.
  • Control process for suppliers at the Centre’s entry/exit points.
  • Containment zones during events for any participants presenting symptoms.
  • New food services procedures such as the elimination of self-service stations.

Depending on an event’s specific needs, value-added services will also be offered to event organizers wishing to further raise the level of cleanliness, such as electrostatic spraying of meeting rooms before participants arrive, ultraviolet (UV) disinfection, etc.

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