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COVID-19 (coronavirus) update

Following the announcement by the Government of Québec on March 12, 2020, all events planned at the Québec City Convention Centre are canceled until further notice. We follow the Government’s guidelines as our priority is the safety of citizens and visitors. In the meantime, the Québec City Convention Centre team is hard at work to develop a safe meeting plan so that we are ready to welcome you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.


PROFESSIONAL RIGGING Technical production:
a high-flying field

5 December 2019

For the Convention Centre team, no project is impossible until proven otherwise. To bring the most complex, unusual, and elaborate stagings to life, team members dive in deep to understand the client’s project, see how it can be done at the Centre, and deliver incredible results while keeping everyone safe.


Tremblay got in touch with professional riggers he’d worked with in town—something of a rarity in Québec City—to put together a team of skilled contract riggers. Thanks to this team of trained professionals, all rigging at the Convention Centre is carried out quickly and safely. With his keen business sense, Tremblay realized that having in-house equipment would benefit everyone: the Centre, its partners, and its clients. There are now 72 hoists and 115 rigging points available for rental at the Centre, installation included. It’s an optional service, but one many clients are quick to add to their package, given the savings in time, transport, labour, and—you guessed it—money. “All of the rigging is done before the client even arrives at the Centre to set up, which is pretty rare in the industry,” says Tremblay


Equipped with multiple rigging points, the rooms at the Québec City Convention Centre are particularly flexible. This opens up a world of possibilities. The Centre’s Building Management team knows the building and its fixtures inside and out and can assess clients’ technical needs, no matter how out there. “At the Convention Centre, we bring all the right people together to deliver custom rigging services,” explains this career rigger. “We sit down with the client to understand their needs and how we can meet them, even when that seems impossible. We always find a way to bring their vision of the event to life.”

The results speak for themselves. In 2014, Deloitte held an event at the Centre. That’s when the Building Management team took the leap, acquiring rigging equipment and renting it out along with the services of a professional rigging team. The complexity and originality of the event and the outstanding staging earned Deloitte’s convention the Corporate Event of the Year award. The Centre has continued to acquire equipment ever since, while demand for its rental rigging equipment and services just keeps growing.


This blog was first published in the Québec City Convention Centre’s magazine Québec Centre.

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