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COVID-19 (coronavirus) update

Please note that on September 27 2020, the Government of Québec declared Québec City to be in the red zone, an important level of alert regarding the COVID-19 situation in the province. Specific guidelines relating to events and gatherings were issued.


Events scheduled from October 1 to 28, 2020 at the Québec City Convention Centre are canceled, with the exception of filming which remains authorized by Québec’s Public Health Department. We therefore remain open to host filmings in one of our multifunctional rooms.


Learn more about our sanitary measures plan or contact our sales team, always there for you.

We can’t wait have you visit us again!


Business Travel Checklist Top Tips for Business Travel

17 July 2019

Some people live out of a suitcase—others work out of one. That’s the case for Jocelyn Guertin and Marie-Elaine Lemieux, both Sales Managers with the Québec City Convention Centre. Spending the workday in Shanghai or Vancouver has its charms, for sure, but it also takes a minor miracle in terms of organization. Experienced travellers, rejoice: our two travel pros have agreed to share their business travel top tips.

In summary:

  • Drinking lots of water and avoiding alcohol and caffeinated beverages.
  • Choosing a seat beside the emergency exit or at the front of the cabin can be an inexpensive way to secure some extra leg room and respite from the comings and goings of your seat mates.
  • Investing in quality earplugs like the ones used on construction sites can also improve your inflight sleep time. 

Travelling with electronic devices

For our two travellers, smart phones and tablets are precious tools. “We can peruse a convention schedule or get some work done while travelling, or just download and read books and travel guides without having to carry physical copies,” says Jocelyn. “But for plane tickets, hotel reservations, and convention registrations, I always prefer having a print-out—you never know when the Wi-Fi will cut out or your battery will die,” cautions Marie-Elaine. “I saw a passenger once at a gate whose ticket was on his phone when the Internet cut out. They eventually let him board, but it was pretty stressful.” It’s also a good idea to scan or take a picture of your passport and other important documents and send them to an email address that you can access from anywhere. 

Even with all their cautionary advice, our two sales managers wouldn’t trade places with their less mobile colleagues. For Marie-Elaine, it’s the people who make the travelling enjoyable. “I get to talk about Québec City, meet new people, and dis-cover places I’d never see otherwise. We often go to small cities or business cities—places I wouldn’t necessarily pick for a family vacation,” she explains. The expectations we have on business trips are far diff erent than the ones we have when we’re travelling for pleasure and have saved up all year for the trip. On business trips, you’re still at work, just in a diff erent country.  “You’re working away, and then you look outside and you’re in China!” says Jocelyn, who’s often in Asia for business. “All of the wonderful experiences and discoveries that come with travelling are like little bonuses that add some extra sparkle to your work day.” 

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