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COVID-19 (coronavirus) update

Following the announcement by the Government of Québec on March 12, 2020, all events planned at the Québec City Convention Centre through May 1 are canceled until further notice. We follow the Government’s guidelines as our priority is the safety of citizens and visitors.

Thank you for your understanding.


Room block reservations Around the block

5 April 2019

If you’re organizing a conference, know that the reservations game doesn’t end once you’ve booked the spaces for your event. You also need to book room blocks to make sure all your participants have proper accommodation. Industry experts Lynn Chiasson, Assistant Director of Sales at the Québec City Convention Centre and Isabelle Godin, Senior Sales Director at the Hilton Québec, share 4 important tips to plan the hotel stay of your attendees. 

  • Booking meeting rooms at the hotel: If you need to book meeting rooms at a hotel as part of a confer-ence, keep in mind that the hotel may require a minimum number of room nights depending on how far in advance you book them and availability for your dates.
  • Extended stays: You may want to see if you can extend the conference rate for attendees who decide to come a few days early or stay on after the event.
  • Little extras: You should be able to negotiate concessions in advance (comp rooms or upgrades) based on the number of room nights.

4    Figure out a Booking Strategy

Your goal is to have your block of rooms fully occupied during the event and keep reservations at other hotels to a minimum. That means you need to promote the offer with potential attendees. Whatever you’ve negotiated with the hotel—be it meals, available meeting spaces, or shuttle service—let them know. Consider offering an incentive for booking with your partner hotel (registration discount, a penalty for booking elsewhere, an exclusive activity, regular reminders of the promo code, and so on).

  • Payment method: the hotel can require guests to pay for one night up front when they book (nonrefundable) to limit any financial risk to your organization (attrition) in the case of last minute cancellations.
  • Check in often with the hotel to see how reservations are coming along and take action accordingly.

End on a High Note:

  • At the end of the event, go over the booking records to make sure every reservation is accounted for and you have a clear picture of the hotel occupancy for your conference. Compare conference registrations with the hotel register to make sure any outofblock reservations are taken into account.
  • Use this final tally to inform your strategy in the future. As you come to know what your attendees are looking for, you’ll find it much easier to plan with them in mind!

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